Thursday, December 13, 2007

puffing billy

on the 11th of dec(tuesday)... went for a ride with puffing billy.... it's an ozzie's favourite steam train running on tracks from Belgrave to Gembrook passing a scenic view of Mount Dandenongs or it is also known as the Blue Mountain of Melbourne......

well, we didnt ride till Gembrook cause it will cause us a fortune.... we rode to Lakeside which it is between Belgrave and Gembrook.... and it costs us AUS$ 32.50 EACH!!!!!! wow.... if we convert back to our msian RM.... it costs us nearly RM100 for a 2 hours ride ......

anyway, it's worthwhile trip.. sitting on the train appreciating the scenic view of the countryside... the breeze was cool and fresh.... and waving to people we passed by ...... (if we did that in malaysia, people think we are insane or 'sakai'!!!!!)

we took the first train at 1030am.... took an hour to reach Lakeside... mind you.... the 1 hour trip doesnt feel like an hour trip at all!!!.... time passes so quickly while enjoying the view and the breeze and not to forget, waving to people and school children!!!!!

view of the train and the school kids

the ozzie school kids.. love their colors of their uniform.. yellow and green!!!

there is a fly on my eyes....

look at what it had did to me!!!!

cam-whore again!!!

the clearer view of the steam train!!!

as we get into the train... my bro starts to play his pokemon game..... how sickening!!!!!.. felt like throwing his game away!!!!

as we reached Menzies creek..... everyone get off the train and starts to swarm the the front view of the steam train......

as the train starts to move again, me and my bro starts to sit on the window..... and we strat to cam-whore again!!!!!

the train's engine!!!!!

after an hour ride, we reach the Lakeside... and the next train return to Belgrave is an hour later ..... so we, have an hour to walk at Lakeside....... it is just a lake(emerald lake) and a picnic site....and u can do bushwalking too!!!!!however, time doesnt permit!!!

the duck

'wat r u doing?'

'as usual... posing:P'

after eating our luch which we brought from home, we head back to train station to catch our train back to Belgrave..... while waiting for the train to move, we took a few pic sitting on the aisle....

we start to cam-whore again as th train to starts to move,....

acting cute!!!!

just us!!!!!

upon arrival on Belgrave..... we took a few pic with the train again....

well, that's the end of the journey at puffing billy, enjoying the incredible view and the cool breeze!!!!

cant wait for my tomorrow's GREAT OCEAN ROAD TOUR!!!.... but then.. i have to wake up at 4 am !!!!

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lasilasi said...

i love this picture very very much!!!

but then it looks quite scary hahahahaa...

you take great pictures - absolutely love your smile =p