Saturday, December 1, 2007

chicken pox...

Alas.... i have chicken pox!!!!!... my whole family had suffered from this so-called dreadful and memorable disease during their childhood days except my younger brother had escaped from it with his powerful antibodies in his body from his immunization.

Not sure where i got it from but i think i was infected during my trip to johor bahru(JB)...arghhh..... sure someone from the bus had it and havent fully recovered from it and with his unscrupulous act spreading this infectious disease in the bus.

Well, my symptoms was atypical. I have no sore throat, no fever, no lethargy and was overly active the whole day. I had realized there was 2 vesicles over the my jaw line on sunday morning in my uncle house in singapore and i squeezed it out with my itchy hands, thinking was a pimple... and during the noon, while bathing, realized there were 3 red dots over my stomach thinking they were normal heaty rash...

At midnight, upon reaching my youngest uncle's house in JB, found out that one of the rashes in my stomach become vesicle and went straight and phoned my xiaojie about it and guess what he replied me...

xiaojie:..aiya ... u suspect got chicken pox.... you only had 24 hours to reduce the vesicles before it starts popping out your whole body and your face later... after that... if it happens... dont cry later!!!!!

me:... then wat happen to my face... i squeezed it out le...

xiaojie:... why you so stupid???.... cannot differentiate between pimples and chicken pox ar!!!.. now..... those will become scars!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... why so itchy hand??!!!

me:... ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr( felt like scratching his face!!!!)

xiaojie advised me to see the doctor at once to get the medication and the following day, will bring me to see my senior who is a medical officer in GH Melaka to get free medication....

fortunately, i took the medication earlier and there were less than 20 vesicles on my body. Thanks to the HIGH DOSE OF ACICLOVIR(medication for chicken pox)..

now u see it...

now u dont!!!...

(sorry for my pathetic look!!!!)

the vesicle on my back(dont you think it looks like a pimple??)

most of my friends told me their 'ah yi and ah ma' stories or theDO's & DONT'S in chicken pox:

1. dont eat black sauce or anything with black sauce( even wan-tan mee also cant eat!!! so sad!!!)

2. dont eat seafood eg: prawns, crab, fish, jellyfish, octopus and etc..( oh dear, just ate some sushi containing octopus on it today!!!!)

3. dont eat egg or anything to do with high protein

4. dont eat chicken..( but could eat pork!!!!!! hehehehehehe)

5. cant go to any windy area( no genting highlands or cameron highlands) or cant sit under the fan..

6. must drink more cooling water

7. must isolate myself in the house

8. eat more porridge or drink more clear soup..

9. must have a good REST

10. MUST BLOG ABOUT THIS!!!!!(hehehehe)

hoping could recover as fast as possible so i could able to fly to ozzy by next tuesday!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, i got chicken pox also.. Alot more worse than urs coz i dunno i got it.. Lol.. Lucky u post wad cannot eat coz my family never get so they dunno.. Anyway thanks, and take care..

Anonymous said...

hi i have chicken pox now n im 12 i wonder can i eat chocolate???cause some people say i can some say i cant so???? mine is way worse the yours do u forgot to say cant scratch by the way anyway thnx for the rest of the advice :D

rie-chan said...

hey...i've got chickenpox and i'm 19 oready!! iwent to the clinic earlier but they only gave me camamile lotion..where can i get acyclovir medication? do i have to go to the hospital to get it? please...HELP!!