Monday, December 10, 2007


during my 3rd day in melbourne... i went to Yea where Mr.s Loh's cattle farm situated... it takes around 1 hours ++ to reach there.... the view was magnificent when on the way to the farm passing by numbers of wineries and apple and cherry orchards!!!!

once we reached the farm... air was cooling .. just nice and too hot.... but there were flies everywhere like as if they having wars towards the human beings!!!!!.... it's not just due to the cowdungs.. but it was summer .. and there are alot of flies even in the city !!!!!

their farm is huge!!!!.... i think is 63 acres!!!!!

we ate our lunch before we started walking around the farm ..... normal, simple, home-cooked food!!!!!:)

honey-lemon marinated chicken with juicy red capsicum!!!!

tropical mixed fruit juice that i drank!!!

my bro looks like the most wanted escapeee.. looks more like robber but in fishmonger's boots!!!


they just wearing it to prevent flies attacking them!!!!!

me with the netting... really looks like the farm girl but with style!!!!muahahahaha

the real farm boy plus robber!!!!! bro said he looks more like a murderer with a spade

mr. Loh

the cattles...still a baby but already weighing 500kg!!!!


me again....

rye... to make bread....

at the dried creek

later, terserempak with skeletons of an ancient cow!!!!

my bro.. the more i look.. the more he looks like a terrorist!!!!

the dam/..... my bro not in the mood and complaining he didnt have his full good looking pic

walking a bit further.... we terserempak with a fox' house in a big gigantic ghost gum tree!!!

my bro wore the net ..could see his face better!!!

actually.... the beetle is shedding it's skin.. but it looks more like mating to me!!

the view of the valley!!!

discovered with another skull but i think it's a sheep skull!!!

heading towards the biggest dam in the farm....

trying to do the farm-thingy... but failed badly as it looks more like posing!!!!

my bro excel in the farming!!

after a day in the farm.. we head back to the country house...

bro starts to play his game boy!!!!

and i start to cam whore again!!!!

gosh... found out i do have a sweet smile!!!!*perasan*@*self-praising*


lkg said...

say what, ppl also lazy to comment on your blog lar..........

so, did wei sern enjoy his australia trip?

lasilasi said...

cool cool cool! i have never been there before - nice photos! looks creepy though with the skulls lol

i think it's getting warmer now =p hopefully it doesnt rain cause it's get cold again after that, like dropping for 10-20deg suddenly. i'm in clayton btw so if u ever wanted to visit (boring) places like monash uni i can show u around =p