Thursday, December 6, 2007

2nd day in melbourne

it's my 2nd day in melbourne... weather today was 32 degree... something like malaysia weather. My hosts were complaining hot.. but both of my brother and me dont think so... well, didnt go anywhere except for we went to Knox city( a shopping centre in suburban area) to accompany Aunty Loh( my host) to take an application form for some special treatment for senior citizen.... and at the same time... she treat us gelatinez's ice cream and yummy choc cakes!!!!

ice cream in melbourne is sooooooooooo delicious and yummy... felt malaysia's ice cream sucks to the max.... and the cakes are so yummy too... thick choc layers on top of the cakes makes my saliva dripping out from my mouth!!!!....

ermmmm..... what i did the whole day actually..... first, i woke up at 1pm*shy*... so more at people house.. eat simple,deiciousand homecook lunch which is taufu-carrot-peas-corn-beef soup with rice.... and later went to surf net for the whole noon searching for cheaper tours to great ocean road.....

around 5 pm, we have barbeque!!!!!.. for so long... we havent bbq.. the last time i bbq was few months back in pelangi apartment using charcoal to bbq... but here, they used gas and a special bbq set... me and my bro were like jakun!!!!!

the marinated chicken wing thats going to bbq!!

the chicken sausage... really yummy after cooking!!!

Mr Loh getting the chicken for bbq!!!

my bro who is looking for the chicken to get bbq!!

me bbqing...hehehe...but more like posing

bro bbqing

me bbqing...but more like posing it again!!!!!muahahaha

dont what the hell im doing....

bbqing the chicken

the end product of the chicken sausage

the end product of the chicken... though a bit charcoal... but it's really yummy!!!!

my gluttony bro eating the whole sausages and 6 pieces of chicken

him again

the drink that Mr Loh made.... his own made recipe.... cincau with longan

Mr Loh

and the gluttony me... see how i eat ... look at my lips and my fingers... full of my bbq sauce *shy*

both of me and bro eat like gluttons... we had none stop eating like a hungry hyena or a ghost or probably a beast!!!!.... guess we gonna put alot of damn weight at the end of the month!!!!!!arghhh!!!!!

but anyway, we went for a walk after that ... a long walk with Mrs Loh... no pic this time as i forgot to bring my camera... along the walk way, we took lemons which were given out free from a neighbor which she put on top of her post box... and along the path, there are full of plum trees.... alamak...plums in msia are sold darn freaking expensive but here, there are whole lot full of plum trees but it's eaten by the crows or birds here !!!!!!how fortunate the birds are!!!!

one thing i learn from melbourne is that at 7 pm ..... it's look like 4 pm in msia..... at 8pm aussie time..... it's look like 5pm in msia...... at 9 pm.... it's look like 7pm in msia but even more brighter..... well, it's summer!!!!!!!so the day will be longer!!!!!....still can go walking at 8pm lagi!!!!!

okie dokie... need to sleep early although it's already 130 am .... cant wait for tomorrow's adventures!!!

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