Friday, November 9, 2007

nothing special.....

woke up at 1pm today.... felt very lethargic and wanted to continue sleeping again ... but my xiaojie(nickname for my bf and if u translate it to english is missy) told me that they have an extra class with Dr Praveen today (surgery) at 2.30 pm .. bah .... wanted to skip his class but i knew dr praveen's tips are really useful for exams and it's good for lazy bums like me who dont want to dig old the class notes for how to examine thyroid, peripheral nerve injury and also .. management of any thyroid cases... could skipped that topic.. though it doesnt help much in skipping alot of topics

learned quite alot from him today.. extensive last minute class from 2.30pm to 6 pm with 15 minutes break in between... can see him he is quite tired but due to the excitement and enthusiatic of learning more .. he continued his class.....

the last session of his class was abdominal examination which we always failed to performed well though we are final year students... he taught us how to examine according to your provisional diagnosis and not bluntly examine the abdomen for the sake of examining it ......

so , what i had learned today:
1. autonomic system
2. examination of ulnar nerve and memorizing the brachial tree( bah... i hate memorizing!!!)
3. management of a thyroid swelling and biliary tree
4. abdominal examination

so, what am i going to do next????
1. take bath
2. get ready for dinner ( gosh,... i dunnoe where to eat in melaka!!!)
3. studying for my practicals
4. playing my battle city and must pass level 44( im always stucked in level 44!!!)
5. and blogging!!!!!!( muahahahahahaha.... im addicted to it!!!)

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