Tuesday, November 13, 2007

exam week!!!

this week is our judgement day...some of my friends had sat for today.. most cases are surgical cases especially in Muar, ... most of them got thyroid and breast... the most simplest and direct case will be O & G... if not malpresentation, it will be gestational diabetes mellitus(GDM) or pregnancy induced hypertension(PIH) . They do put placenta praviea case too... Medicine cases are kinda complicated.. most of them come with underlying causes. So, you spend most of the time taking history and will left by few minutes to take your examination.... the panels are nice today... but not sure about the following 2 days... hoping their mood are still the same...

okie dokie... though i have extra 2 days to prepare for my long case, i think it doesnt make any difference.. most of your time will be spending in asking your friends what they case they got.... aiks... Does it make any difference????... :P

having insomnia these days... couldnt sleep well.. always thing about the practicals.. it's kinda scary cause you will be thinking what case are you getting.... i can feel my brain is tired but always awake due to this nightmare.. i hate exams ... always make me couldnt sleep at all and always thinking about exam and exam and only exam ... ooooo.. i just cant wait to be over!!!

good luck to everyone who are taking their exam tomorrow!!... sleep well!!!!

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