Friday, November 9, 2007

dreaming to be a supermodel....

watch ANTM 9 (america's next top model) latest episode yesterday.. enrique was their guest star and you know wat???... all the gals in ANTM 9 get to shoot with enrique in his new music video(mv) 's Tired of Being Sorry... gosh.... i alwiz dreamed of being into ANTM but well.... they are few things tat im not eligible into their reality tv....

1. I'm not a AMERICAN ( well, in the previous cycle, natasha wasnt an american but she married an american hubby, hence, she is considered an american, and then the cycle 8 winner's jaslene is not an american but she is from south america , thus considered an american but from south ... well, maybe i should married an american so i would be eligible to be in their reality TV..hehehehehe)

this is natasha ... post ANTM pic

jaslene... the cycle 8 winner

I'm definitely SHORT.. im only 5 feet 51/2.... the height requirement at least 5 feet 7 inches.... bah .... just by the 1 1/2 inch short .. shuckksssss!!!!!......

3. I have a straight cut body type.. not skinny but not too curvy either.... i really envied tyra banks 's body. No matter how plump she was, she still got that sexy curves

tyra banks.... drools!!!

4. I have flat face ( like a pancake), flat nose, small eyes ( one with half way to double eyelid and the other with typical chinese eye), thick eye brows if left unshaved, small and cracked lips with enormous big ears and pathetic short eyelids and slightly bunny teeth(was corrected with braces)

i know i have a mole..

definitely im not eligible into ANTM right???? even Malaysia's model search wont choose me at all ... but anyway, i like my look alot cause it resembles your parents and no one will my look unless i have a long-lost twin which confirmed i was a singleton baby in my mum's uterus OR people go for plastic surgery cause they like my look ( muahahahahahaha...) and lastly,

5. I'M A BUSY GIRL!!!! ( im busy with shopping, chit chatting, gossiping, annoying my xiaojie, occupying with my battle city game, surfing forums, beating mosquitos, talking to my grandma and mum, and lastly but not the least, SLEEPING!!!! im deprived of sleep since i have exams going on!!!!)

ok.. time to study .... I HATE EXAMS!!!!!!

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