Wednesday, November 21, 2007

im officially a doctor!!!!!

hahahaha... after 5 years of studying in medical school.. alas... im a doctor now... but currently on a vacation.... now i could blog everyday!!!!...yippie.... well, they are some people who didnt make it... really sad for them .... i could understand how they feel cos i went thru before,... that's was when im in Form 6... my result was shit but my family gave a second chance and currently im really grateful to my family!!!!.... anyway, i always think that whatever things had happened, there are always a reason behind this... i really hope those who didnt make it could make it during the next 6 months!!!!..... gambate!!!!!... we must celebrate our convo together!!!!

okie ... anyway, the results suppose to be out on saturday evening( on the 17th of nov). Some of my friends waited from 5.30 pm... heard that results will be out around 7 plus plus pm.... well, i waited in front of my campus around 630pm... chatted with ann chyi, woon ting and karen.. dont know what the hell we talk but chatted till 9 pm with our heart pounding!!!!.... anyway around 915 pm , friends started to smsing that result will be out on the following morning cause there some technical problem in sending the results to Manipal.... Bah!!!!.... waited for nearly 3 freaking hours with growling stomach and high speed heart-beats!!!..arghh... xiaojie was really hungry like a hyenna so, he straight went to tesco and ate for dinner....

stared at his dinner and i lost my appetite... it is not that im fussy... but really, after all of these studying break, i ate very simple but shitty food and wanted to eat something like mcdonalds.... well, just dont understand guys... when they are hungry.... their face change and they look like justice pao!!!!(justice pao is a famous judge during the ching dynasty( i think so la)... well, considered he was really clean during the anti corruption days!!!

the justice pao is in the middle .... see how black his face is!!!

slept quite late that nite after an outing with woonting, wong zai , ann chyi and khai chi.... however i woke up at 5 am next day... was packing my books and went out for breakfast with xinyi and xiaojie at sin hoe around 745 am..... ok... we were told that results will be out at 930am... but around 815 am, woonting called me and told me that me and xiaojie PASS!!!.... whoo hoo..... xin yi also pass, wong zai pass, and many more .... we quickly ate our breakfast and went straight to the campus.... was happy but not too excited .... not sure why !!!!!

anyway, i got my first taste of beer .. yeah ... i drank TIGER beer ... actually a sip only compliment from GOBI .... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... dont like the taste .... IT"S BITTER !!!!.. rather drink 100 plus !!!!..hahaha

me and gobi... my very first taste of beer!!!

yeah .. tiger beer!!!.. i look so pathetic!!!!... and yeah... im still with my pyjamas

yeah.. my ah pek xiaojie and gobi!!!!

after checking my result... hahaha.. we went back straight to SEREMBAN!!! hehehehe

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