Thursday, November 8, 2007


in this 5 years, i had changed a few hairstyles.. from tomboy short to jennifer aniston's long straight hair and later went for curls , and later on, snipped off my long grassy hair to short bob..

my first ever jennifer aniston's hair look... the best pic i can find ...:P well, i noe i realy look pathetic..

later, i went for bangs... i know i look really awkward...

the bangs grew longer..

and longer ...(pls ignored the year .. it is supposed to be 2005)

and longer till it needs to be parted away..

and then went for digital perming..

and it grew longer ....

and longer ...( see those dangles.. bet tat will be lot of split ends)

and then got back with my jennifer aniston's look again (look how silky and shiny my hair was..hehehe)

later it went out of shaped and later spending most of my time manually pulling out the split ends with my bare hands

and then i went for bob for CNY 2007... and awwww.. first time colored it!!!!

and oopps, i banged it again!!!!

and i temporary curled my hair for my prom which it's life span was 3 to 4 hours only!!!!

the back view

drools.... i luv bob!!!!

and later went to this.. trying to maintain it but my hairstylist went a bit pusing cos i wan myself to look cute ...hehehehehehe

the back view!!!!

oooo... cant wait for my new hair cut after my finals ... my hairstylist told me tat he had a new hairdo in his mind .... maybe i should dyed and highlight it... hehehehehehehe...

p/s: cant find my tomboy cut pic.. willl upload if i found my pic...:P

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BOBO said...

I prefer ur current hair style looks young and cute =)