Thursday, November 22, 2007

KL.. we come!!!

ok.. after checking our result ... we went back to seremban ... papa said he wants to bring us to stay in Shang ri la in KL ... papa is attending an international conference in the hotel itself.... and so, well, we are freeman .... no more books, no more patients and no more hospitals.... hahaha... this is the best treat!!!

ok, depart from seremban at around 6pm and reach the hotel around 7pm.... check in .. and told us we got a deluxe hotel( we got 6 people.. papa,mummy, me, jean lyng, wei sern and xiaojie!!!) .. ok .... costs around RM 600++.... well, our room is facing KLCC tower... so i think there is where our money goes!!!!!....

first thing, after opening the room .... mum complaining the room is small... well, she always love comparing to the hotel she stayed in Pekan Baru..... papa just snapped at her... anyway, my mum, jean lyng and wei sern is staying overnight only due to my brother is having SPM on Tuesday!!!....

the room is not that big... and well, the first thing i did was jumping on the bed!!!!! and start taking pic!!!

on the king-sized bed!!!!

my mum posed better than me!!!!

pathetic bathroom and the toilet bowl!!!

the family pic!!!

the nite view of one part of klcc tower...

after that... i was complaining hungry and that asked us where to eat and he suggested to walk to KLCC..... oh gosh!!!!..... so more darn hungry... was pushing papa to drive the car .... However, once my dad decided to walk... means the whole family must walk!!!!!.. sigh!!!

anyway, no regrets of walking to KLCC... the views are superb on the walkway.... KLCC tower is really magnificent during at nite especially the lights on the tower....

blurry me... taken by xiaojie.... xiaojie got shaky hands .. bah!!!

closer view of the magnificent KLCC tower... but then, the pic looks fake ... it's like my head just paste over a postcard!!!!

well... we still dont know what to eat .... so, i suggested Chilli's... hehe... one of my favourite western food and papa's lamb steak...

we ordered triple play, i ordered chicken fajita, xiaojie ordered chicken taco's and mum oredered lamb shank which she shared with papa and wei sern ordered mushroom jack....

while waiting for ordered.. as usual, my sis was playing her pokemon game in her nintendo and same with my bro, papa and mummy went for a walk, and me and xiaojie just as usual staring at both of my siblings...

my sis is too addicted in that pokemon game.....

my bro and my xiaojie.... his worst angle!!!!hahahaha

then our food came... yippie!!!

lamb shank

chicken taco's... a bit sourish... but still nice

mushroom jack.... the best!!!!

our chicken fajita's

look at mummy... she really enjoyed her food!!!

another candid from my mum

this is why i LOVE chilli's.. thumbs up for chilli's!!!

peace sign for chilli's... and look.... xiaojie is enjoying his food!!!

aha... yummy chilli's

eating the last bits of the food

look... he is enjoying his food(sarcastic)

big grin for chilli's!!!

come to chilli's!!!

gosh.. we are really like a glutton... the portions were big and we managed to gobbled up everything... and we really very full and felt like the food was in our throat!!!

by the time we finished our dinner... it was about 10pm... so... shops are starting to close... so, what else we can do... so,we just walked back to our hotel la!!!... good!!!... at least we could digest our food and could lost a few calories too!!!..hehehehe

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